Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

active for acting december 2014

there is going to be christmas and a lot of fun stuff during this special month. but of course on thing will always be most important!

  • went to see "Mars Attacks!" from Theater Hora.
  • rehearsed with "die Freischwimmer".
  • went to Brig to sign for a bank account in Switzerland for the playades where my very best acting friend Eva Mann is a member. Met her very fun friend Cindy! And had a look at Brig. *Check*
  •  Got definitely into Jingle Jungle and signed the contract! Fingers crossed I'll get jobs now!
  • Asked Alice Brauner the CEO of CCC Films what she thinks of
  • got an account on
  • made a project to promote & distribute my movie from ZFF 2014 "Zufalls Zauber" starring Gabriel da Silva.
  • went to cologne for four days to shoot with Kunst & Verstand. Though I waited a lot and only could get 30 Seconds in front of the camera, it was an adventure and fun to meet other actors!
  • skyped with my acting friend Will Cohn
  • worked on my acting blog (a new one)
  • had a call with Kunst & Verstand where after he was shocked about my age. So I guess, that this is over.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a happy 2015!!!

Samstag, 1. November 2014

active for acting november 2014

Here I go again!!!

  • Received the new dates for rehearsal with die Freischwimmer.
  • Read the Play "The Balcony-Scene" by John Chapman & Anthony Marriot at Café Hubertus. I help direct my friend Eva Mann at LAWUA.
  • Instead of the Play "The Balcony-Scene" I found a lot about Romeo & Juliet among these, a monologue by Orlando Bloom.
  • Ask Testo about the new frame of work and set new dates. 
  • Had lunch with Eva.
  • Go to LAWUA with my friend Eva to see how she directs and what the progress of the play is, so I can coach them too.
  • Discussed with my friend Johannes Just from the Band Liricas Analas, if an artists management be wise already. we figured not yet.
  • Got a call from a director whom wants to produce a TV-Series and sent him pictures he requested.
  • Before I read the Synopsis.
  • Recalled him on Sunday and he wanted to meet me but I have an appointment at 16.00 o'clock! DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!
  • So I resent pictures of me and I hope he likes them.
  • Prepared for Testo shooting.
  • Called my mom if she could send me a picture with short hair form me, because I wanted to let this director know how I'd look with it. And of course I probably need her car, on that she offered me to buy one for me.
  • here some of the pictures I sent to him. Hopefully not to provocative.

    • went to see Rolf Sommer at Theater Rigiblick in his one man comedyshow "Sommer im Weltall"
    • The director was very unserious. No company name, no email adress of a company, a yahoo adress and you didn't find anything about someone called Marco online. I asked the production company mentioned in the email (letters, everyone can write some letters into an email, but not everybody gets a logo of a company) and so far they didn't answer. But an acting friend of mine got the same calls and emails from him and when her boyfriend called as her manager, it all lead to the presumption that it's about a pron. But honestly real pron productions are visible in the internet. So this one must be super faked!
    • Rehersal at Testo.
    • Shooting with Testo. I had something like my own actingcoach. The CEO wanted to make sure the Shoot is done the he wants. Really cool.
    • Forgot to take pictures. But I have one of the wall in my Hotelroom! It's a great message!

    Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

    how I'd plan my acting career if I could go back in time

    If I could plan my acting career again I'd do these things different.

    and of course I did all that already in my teens and not in my twenties.

    Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

    isabel's selfmade movies

    The Movie I did for ZFF Talent Contest 2014.

    A Video about my travel thorugh Namibia in 2008.

    An animation I did to promote the Theatre-Sport group HDTV I used to be Member of.