Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

active for acting december 2014

there is going to be christmas and a lot of fun stuff during this special month. but of course on thing will always be most important!

  • went to see "Mars Attacks!" from Theater Hora.
  • rehearsed with "die Freischwimmer".
  • went to Brig to sign for a bank account in Switzerland for the playades where my very best acting friend Eva Mann is a member. Met her very fun friend Cindy! And had a look at Brig. *Check*
  •  Got definitely into Jingle Jungle and signed the contract! Fingers crossed I'll get jobs now!
  • Asked Alice Brauner the CEO of CCC Films what she thinks of
  • got an account on
  • made a project to promote & distribute my movie from ZFF 2014 "Zufalls Zauber" starring Gabriel da Silva.
  • went to cologne for four days to shoot with Kunst & Verstand. Though I waited a lot and only could get 30 Seconds in front of the camera, it was an adventure and fun to meet other actors!
  • skyped with my acting friend Will Cohn
  • worked on my acting blog (a new one)
  • had a call with Kunst & Verstand where after he was shocked about my age. So I guess, that this is over.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a happy 2015!!!