Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Vagina Monologues for Peace Women Accross the Globe

© Isabel Sulger Buel

28th February, 1st March and 2nd March 2013
Theatersaal Universität Zürich Irchel
15.– CHF  Student: 10.– CHF
in German

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This post is about the V-Day Zurich, where I direct some of the provoking Vagina-Monologues. Because of my experience in acting I was keen to direct once and found Juliet who started to organize the Event. By now I have three Girls to support and four Monologues to work on. And yes in some way I'm an activist. Activism and Art is a good mixture to create awareness within society, at least this is my Believe. Working on the Monologues is very interesting. Especially because they take on subjects which are kind of taboo. Already the Word Vagina is kind of provoking. It be cool to once play the game "Penis" where one tries to outburst the word louder than any other, with the word "Vagina". For me it is necessary to show some human spirit in my work. Give it life and emotion. Make it vivid, but also real and truthful. Thus it is important to work closely with my amateurish Actor's and guide them well on the difficult path to stage. Most important to me is to make the Monologue their Story. Therefore I work with their own experience, as well as the very detailed biography for their role. This is really help's to understand the story and situation of the character. A course in film acting taught me how crucial such a detailed understanding for the situation of the role is. Emotions must be found for it, must become visible for the audience. 

Though what seems most important, is the fact that I want to make aware and nurture people to rethink. Rethink their behavior, how they treat each other, how they treat themselves and that we realize in the end we are all one. One Planet, one humanity. We create what we experience. We stand up for each other or we don't. Although those Monologues tell only woman's stories, my Ideal is neither a patriarchy nor a matriarchy. These Women, probably go a little too far, who think they are able to change the world without the other half of humanity. My Ideal is Partnership, working hand in hand together. One could call it the Partnerarchy. I think in variety and not in boxes. Every human is different there is no such thing as Women are, Men do, they are. It is this one individual person. This individual Human is how he is. It is the variety making us rich. This I like about the Vagina Monologues. Though often accused and yes provoking they actually tell stories of personalities. Not of all Women on the Globe. They give examples for experience and within that they make aware that we are still far from a peaceful planet.  This is why I think it is so fortunate that we support an organization called Peace Women across the Globe. They already say what they are here for in their name. If they bring peace to Women those Women might find peace and spread peace a new. The same I suggest for Men, thus every human. Peace within creates peace outwards. But this V-day thing is about giving Women the courage to speak and to tell their stories. For decades Men have done so, we're joining now. We tell our stories as well and it would be so beautiful if men would dare to listen. You are very welcome.