Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

movies I've seen on the 10th zurich film festival

Here the List of Movies I've seen and what I think about them.

  • Labyrinth des Schweigens
    this movie impressed me the most. It's a really good german movie and I love the performance of the main actor and actress Alex Fehling and Friederike Becht. The cruelty of WW2 is being silenced by traitors as well as victims until a young judge makes it his issue. the story is based on history and of course the movie concerns a heavy chapter of human history or it's post effect on the world. Nontheless the movie is humanistic and tells the story beautifully.

  • and so it goes
    a classic among the film world. Two people in their late years find second love with each other. though the story truly is not one of the best, the two actors Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas make the best of it.

  • Bouboule
    coming of age in french. A nice movie about an overweight boy finding a mentor in a somewhat questionable security man. I don't like movies where the main character has now true growth in it, especially if it's a coming of age movie. It's nice but not much more.

  • Ruth & Alex
    this movie with Diane Keaton & Morgan Freeman I liked a lot better. It's not about just a couple finding new love. It has more depth to it, since the couple spent a lifetime with each other. They deal with getting older and a significant problem when becoming so.

  • Song from the Forest
    impressive but not truly making a point. a man living since centuries with an native tribe in Africa.

  • My old Lady
    here I need to read the play. A wonderful story about an inheritance with beautiful surprises. Actress Maggie Smith was just wonderful although I don't know how much different she is in other roles or in real life, but I believed her every second. Truly one of my favorites.

  • Cut Bank
    a movie about a village, a boy whom wants to leave and the men form there. Most impressed was I by a native american looking actor whom is not listed on imdb although he had a significant part to me. The biggest disappointment was the only bigger female role whom simply was a classical cliche but well played by Teresa Palmer. John Malkovich and Billy Bob Thornton are of course great. Best shot scene at the entrance where first Thornton then Malkovich is in focus.

  • Red Army
    wonderful documentary about the red army and it's glorious times. The most wonderful fact here, that male friends can forgive each other although feeling betrayed.

  • Ulrich Siedl – A Director at Work
    a TV Movie. It's alright.

  • The Green Prince
    this movie a documentary is truly one to watch. after this you have a small insight what it's like to be a spy. what it's like to be a real spy and the line being walked by them. It's also a movie about a friendship that should not be, but under unbelievable circumstances develops. Astonishing I'd say.

  • The Skeleton Twins
    this movie was to superficial for the rather heavy subject to me. Although I think, that making stories light for the audience instead of shocking them, I just didn't like nor understand what the key message should be.
Sadly none of the seen movies made it on my favorite's list. Which means I'd watch any of them a second or even third time.