Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

why you should audition

show as many different sides of yourself as possible.

It's kind of funny writing an Article about going to auditions. I had the hardest of times with it. Whenever I would get into a room to audition, my voice dropped, my presence faded and actually nothing really worked out. I got a job to earn money and kept auditioning anyway, since acting is my love of life and I was still determined to pursue my goal. 

So I went to audition further and actually seldom got a part, but what happened was that I started to have fun with it. Auditioning can sometimes be like you go there all by yourself, you get into the room and finally you present whatever you have prepared and mostly you get rejected. Or it's the other way around, that you get into a room with a lot of other actors and the audition lasts a full day, again most likely you won't get the offer. But let's look from a different side. Whenever I go auditioning I learn to it. There are feedback, warm-ups, and new connections, interesting people, new theatrical groups, challenges and most of all a lot of fun. It's a beautiful excitement to get to a City I have never been, travel there, meet new people of the performing world, and get new ideas and inputs. Sometimes it's like attending a workshop, if I can let go of the pressure to actually need a job. I love the challenges that auditions give me and each time I grow and learn. It also gives a space to again try and experience new things about myself. Most of all I like the thought of joining again a new adventure, or at least the beginning of one. And what’s best is, my voice is full my presence is fully around and instead of being nervous I have fun with it.

The best is, that my self-confidence has grown naturally. 

One director whom casted gave me once good advice:

– The director wants to see the actor, not a role
– Be natural
– Use your hands naturally (they always give evidence about how comfortable an actor is and how good he has prepared)
– Don't show worked roles, just live the audition part form the inside out as it just comes
– You as an actor don't know what the director wants, take risks you can be right or wrong
– Choose a Monologue were you can show as many different sides of you as possible
– To perform on a chair is never good. It's too narrow a space to move while performing
– A tip always prepare several monologues, although they say just one