Sonntag, 31. August 2014

active for acting june 2014

Nothing much happened here. I was in preparation for a longer Trip.

  • Meeting with the President of the Spreitenbach Amateurish Theatre to get the DVD of my first piece I directed called "Hausbesuche".
  • watch the swiss National Circus called Knie and their clown of this year David Larible. He is a really sweet & funny clown.
  • Meet my acting friend Deborah Meister to discuss the american acting market and how it works. She is in LA now!!!
  • a Birthday Party performance at Dampfschiff, Brugg for a friend of my Improvgroup "die Freischwimmer".
  • Fly to NYC for my Acting Summerschool at Bill Esper Studio
  • My Birthday.
  • Start classes at Bill Esper Studio. For course information please look here
  • Meet with my swiss acting friend who lives in NYC Nadine Kübler. We were on the High-Line which is a really nice Park now.
  • Travel Brooklyn: DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Carussel
  • Visa confirmation Meeting with the Visa responsible at Bill Esper. (This is important, if I ever want to come back to the US.)
  • Rehearsal with my first acting Partner, charismatic Noor Hamdi!
  • Gay Parade NYC. watch performances from different cultural background.
  • spend a wonderful evening with all my classmates from acting class at Artbar! It became my favorite bar, especially because of the lounge in the back.
  • watch "Twelve Angry Jurors" with my classmate Harry Lipstein. Whom taught me to always ask good questions!