Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

active for acting september 2014

This month I was just back home in beautiful Switzerland and went after my moneyjob, my projects and not much more.
  • The Moment I said that the guy from might never call me back, he did! It was the first of September late evening on a sunday and a wonderful chat. He promised to send me some scenes which I should film-audition. 
  • Render the Video for my school audition so I can upload it on Vimeo.
  • upload it on Vimeo. Vimeo's sound quality is by the way better than the one of youtube.
  • send that school I applied the Video a second time.
  • Organize with my good acting/directing friend Eva Mann that we shoot my scene for
  • Get the Feedback from that School, that Lisa my second role from the movie Girl Interrupted was not good enough and that I should resend a Video with a monologue from a play.
  • Cancel my meeting with Eva because there where no scenes sent by They must be very busy.
  • At the same time I had to cancel for the shoot of my script "bubbles dance" because the camera man who hosts the blog couldn't. He is the nicest guy I ever met. I swear!
  • Then Eva and I wanted to meet nonetheless, but because it was such a nice sunny day, I asked three friends of whom I know they can photograph and Sophie came!
  • Shoot first part of "bubbles dance".
  • discuss with Eva our Project 7DaysPlaysSenses
  • Send the Invitation to participate of 7DaysPlaysSenses to my acting friends. (Sorry they're to many to actually list them here.)
  • At this very Moment I receive the Script by my contact from!
  • My acting friend Rolf Sommer writes me and I respond. He is currently in the play "Achtung Schwiiz!" Which is already handled as the next swiss stage hit.
  • Eva whom is working for two amateurish Theatergroups as a director asks if I sent 7DaysPlaysSenses to my acting friends. I confirm I did and that I got feedback that it was the wrong time. (It's getting winter, Theater Season).
  • My Contact from  calls me out of nowhere and wants to know if I got the Script and since I did why I didn't confirm so. I promised to get better and actually give confirmation. Then he asked me how far I'd live away. "About three hours by car." "Well do you have a car." "If I need a car I get a car." "So do you have an agent." "Yes, my agency is called ZAV." I was glad that I could offer at least one thing! "Oh well they are very complicated and really no good." I think, well thats what I got from them too. Or at least I believe that. In the end after I actually disappointed all his questions but for those that I have twitter and a Facebook fanpage. He asked me "Well, how did I get to you anyway?" And I answered "I have no idea. I just had an inbox message from my homepage where someone asked me how much I'd cost for a voice over." "Well anyway although you have no agent and no TV experience there is something to you. (IMAGINE SOMEONE TELLING AN ACTOR THAT!) Yes there is something. So just send me those audition tapes before the weekend. We need to know if we have to cast you for emotional or non emotional roles.
  • I had already planned to take the shots and so my Improvisation Theater Partners from "die Freischwimmer" had to help me out. So M&M did and we took the scenes after rehearsal. But of course the criminal scene was blurred.
  • So the next day I retook the scene with my acting friend Victor whom has just been an intern at Theater Hora.
  • cut the scene and upload them to Vimeo send them to my contact from
  • Send my application for the Casting of Mamma Mia the Musical.
  • and send the information to my friend Jeroen Dekkers whom already had the chance to go there, but since he was in NYC with me at that time couldn't participate.
  • Write my active for acting September article because it's already long and it's not even mid september (12th to be exact).
  • Just at the time I wrote this far, I received another scene from the guy from
  • Filmed the scene with my wonderful friend Victor whom had a fun experience with the camera, which you can see here.
  • Rendered them in Adobe After Effects.
  • Uploded them on Vimeo.
  • sent them to
  • Got the Feedback form and redid the whole thing.
  • He from called again and the longer I talk to him the better I like him. Awesome guy.
  • At this point I felt like I was in the mood he wanted for one of his texts and retook it on my phone and sent it with the other two.
  • His Answer on that was: "I'm positively surprised about that change. The last Video is good to proceed and build up on it." If you want to know which video he meant, watch it here.
  • Went to the big film premiere of "20 rules for Sylvie" in original "20 Regeln für Sylvie" a very nice swiss movie who pushes the border of being too much only a little. It also has an actuality with the conflict of being a "french-swiss" from the mountains and going for the big swiss-german city. My friend Alex Lampart did the Make-up! And the Movie stars Carlos Leal and Viola von Scarpatetti. And yes I went to the Afterparty and yes I went to work with only 2.5 hours sleep.
    Myself, Manuel Miglioretto, Alex Lampart
  • My wonderful acting friend Rolf Sommer organized a free ticket at Casino Theater, Winterthur for me to see his show "Attention Swiss" original "Achtung Schwiiz". I loved it! A really good comedy because it breaks every cliche as soon as it's brought on stage. And Rolf turns from a upper class Gentleman to a lower class working man. Hilarious! Worth watching.
  • Preparing for Bubbles Dance Shoot 2! *Excited*
  • Beloved Alex Lampart who had to create my blue eye for the scene was on time and did great work!
    Alex Lamparts work.
  • turned out that the guy with a lot of camera knowledge who created the platform actually got sick and forgot to tell me earlier but 30 minutes later than he should have been at my place. 
  • Cool as Eva Mann my beloved acting friend would say, I again called all of my friends and one of my best, Anja, actually stopped learning on exams, to help me. She's wonderful. If you ever want to see her on stage, she plays annually at the amateurish theatre group friesenberg. She is also talented in filming as we figured out that day. She is our main Camerawoman now!
  • Became President of a Theaterclub in Naters (State of Wallis), my friend Eva had to build one for her projects. The vote was set in two minutes.
  • Tried to create a crew for the 72 Contest at Zurich Film Festival. Probably I just send in one on my own.
  • Had a nice show with HDTV tonight (25.09.2014) at Kanzlei Club with M&M my Improvfriends from die Freischwimmer. It was a little like coming home since I used to be with HDTV as well once.
  • AND I got my Badge for Zurich Film Festival!!! Whoop Whoop!
my bag, my badge, my festival
  • Then the subject for the 72 Contest at Zurich FilmFestival was announced and I had a blast creating my 72 Second-Movie, because everything just fell into place. Conan & I went to get the light from Filmtechniker Kollektiv on friday, and although we've been late, they gave us all we needed! On Saturday we shot the movie, then I went for a Birthdayparty. On Sunday I cut my Movie with in 30 minutes and then my friend Marc called his cousin Jan and within 50 minutes we had a great selfmade soundtrack instead of my own piano tinkling! AWESOME! If you want to VOTE FOR US, CLICK HERE!
  • Then I went to Zurich Summit with my friend Eva Mann. Before that I had a nice talk and shoot on the greencarpet with Fabio the Photographer from Mediadom.
© Fabio Confessore
  • Finally I went to see the Movie "Labyrinth des Schweigens" starring Alexander Fehling and Friedericke Becht. Both great and I loved the Movie a lot. Although it's a difficult topic, the movie is done with decency. 
  • Went to the SBKV (Swiss Guild of Stage Performers) event for actors and met a lot of fun, guess what, actors! 
  • Then I went to a ZFF Talk with Peter Fonda. Nice.