Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

isabel's acting-bucketlist

Just had the Idea that I could actually create a Bucket list for me. Will not only be about acting, but mainly.

  • Become President of an Actingclub (I didn't know, but now that it's the case).
  • Be once part of a Filmcontest at a Filmfestival (Looks pretty much like it happens9:
  • Direct a Theater Piece (December 2013 was first night and last night).
  • Go for a skiweekend with friends (January 2013)
  • Go for a skiweekend at the chalet of my grandma with friends (November 2014)
  • shoot one of my owns skripts (happening now fall/winter 2014 with bubbles dance)
  • make a movie of a trip (Paris 2008, deleted my youtube accoutn once. It's gone. *feeling stupid*

Still to do
  • win an award
  • be part of a feature movie
  • shoot my own feature movie
  • finish a script for a feature movie
  • set up a creative stage project